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Wed (5/29)

Thu (5/30)

Learn about our Convective Outlooks

Convective Outlooks are issued for Day 1 [Current Day] and Day 2 [tomorrow] when a notable severe threat exists. These outlooks consist of categorical and probabilistic maps to depict thunderstorm threats across Canada.

It should be noted that while these forecasts are similar to the forecasts from the Storm Prediction Center in the United States, these graphics are created differently with different requirements, meaning these are completely unrelated; they should not be compared.

The Convective Categorical Risks are split into six numerical categories with an increasing threat to accompany an increase in the category number. The categories start at number 0 and reach as high as number 5. These categories take into account storm coverage and storm intensity.

The Outlook Probability Maps are based on the probability of the respective severe hazard within 40 kilometres (25 miles) of any point within the highlighted area.

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