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EF-1 Tornado Confirmed Near Ottawa on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

Image provided from Google Earth
Image provided from Google Earth

Environment Canada has confirmed the first tornado in Ontario in 2019 and third Canadian tornado as an EF-1 tornado from Sunday, June 2nd.

The agency states that they received reports with video and picture evidence of funnel clouds and flying debris 'about 10km southeast of the Gatineau Airport around 5:54pm.'

By 6:00pm, a tornado warning was issued for the Gatineau region and by 6:10pm, the tornado was expanded into the Prescott and Russell and Upper Gatineau-Lièvre-Papineau regions.

Environment Canada reports, 'this tornado tracked eastward just north of highway 174 and Place D'Orleans Shopping Centre before moving across the community of Queenswood Village and Jeanne d'Arc Blvd N. The tornado then moved just south of Petrie Island before returning to highway 174. No detectable damage could be found in Cumberland however it is believed that the tornado may have intermittently redeveloped between Cumberland and Clarence Creek.'

By 7:00pm, a tornado watch was issued for the Mont-Tremblant Park-Saint-Michel-Des-Saints and Laurentians region in Quebec.

By 7:30pm, the tornado watch expanded to the Lachute-Saint-Jérôme region in Quebec. The tornado warning ended for the Gatineau region but continued further east towards into the Upper Gatineau-Lièvre-Papineau region.

Finally, by 8:20pm, all tornado watches and warnings ended and only a few severe thunderstorm-related alerts remained in place.

The agency did confirm that one person suffered minor injuries in the affected areas.

The agency confirmed that the tornado caused mainly EF-0 damage, however, an isolated pocket of EF-1 damage was found in Orleans. The winds are estimated to be between 150 to 170km/h. The path was quite long spanning from the Gatineau-Ottawa region over to the Clarence Creek region, around or over 25 kilometers.

Residents who have information about any possible storm damage or pictures are asked to send it to

Ontario averages between 10 and 16 tornadoes each year.

Environment Canada has stated the following about the event:

Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial 
information and does not constitute a complete or final report.

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