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Low Funnel Cloud Risk Across Southern Manitoba

Thunderstorm + Funnel Cloud Forecast, for Southern Manitoba. Issued May 11th, 2019.
Thunderstorm + Funnel Cloud Forecast, for Southern Manitoba. Issued May 11th, 2019.

We are watching the risk of some thunderstorms, mainly non-severe, across portions of Southern Manitoba.

A low-pressure system along the United States/Canada border is bringing alongside it some scattered, non-severe thunderstorms. These thunderstorms may extend into portions of Saskatchewan and Ontario. The storms should be mainly non-severe with gusty winds, heavy rain and possibly some small hail.

Across portions of Manitoba, there is the risk of some isolated stronger storms which may be capable of producing funnel clouds and isolated landspout tornadoes. The area seen in blue or marked with a '1' in the forecast maps are at risk of seeing some non-severe thunderstorms. There is some question how far inland the thunderstorms will reach into Saskatchewan and Ontario extending outward from the Manitoba border, therefore, we have not included forecast maps for those provinces.

The best risk of funnel clouds and landspouts tornadoes will extend throughout Manitoba between Turtle Mountain Park extending north towards Minnedosa and Hillside Beach extending south towards Ste. Anne and Morden, including everything in between.

The risk is generally low but worth mentioning.

Landspout tornadoes can form from almost any thunderstorm. A landspout tornado is caused by a thunderstorm with weak rotation near the ground that is stretched by the development/growing of showers or more commonly, thunderstorms. This weak movement of rotation is enough to cause a landspout tornado. Landspout tornadoes are often more weak than a supercell tornado. Because of the quick nature of landspout tornadoes and the timing of when they often form, they are more difficult to catch on radar compared to supercell tornadoes.

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